At ARMI Technologies, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of diverse industries. Here's an overview of some of our signature projects:

InServiSync - Account Management and Work Order App For Service

Web Projects_InServiSync
InServiSync is a SaaS solution designed to transform service business management processes. It helps automate common operations such as:
Account management
Lead and order management
Jobs & Repair Processing
Business Analytics
Automated Invoice Generation
InServiSync caters to the unique needs of the service sector, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to empower businesses from appliance repairs to home maintenance.
Technology Stack : React.JS, Nest.JS, MySQL, Rest API integrations.

CRM & Travel Voucher System for TravelPath

TravelPath faced challenges with manual processes in tour management. ARMI Technologies provided a comprehensive CRM solution to automate and streamline these operations.
Automated Lead Collection: Integrated with marketing channels for efficient lead management.
Enhanced Data Management: Streamlines client and vendor interactions.
Instant Travel Updates: Automated updates and voucher distribution for clients.
Location Sharing: Easy tracking of travel buses for tour participants.
Technology Stack : React.JS, Nest.JS, Google Map APIs, Rest API integrations.

ARMI Technologies' solution significantly boosted efficiency and customer satisfaction for TravelPath.
travel (2) - One-Stop Source for Information and Inspiration!

rithm is a vibrant showcase of Armi Technologies' prowess in web development and content curation. We crafted this portal to be the ultimate cultural hub, providing a rich tapestry of global events, festivals, and concerts.
At ARMI Technologies, we're proud to have developed, your premier destination for entertainment and knowledge.
Technology Stack : Wordpress+Oxygen
Visit RithmInfo website

InServiHub - Global Directory for Every Business!

InServiHub is designed by Armi Technologies to connect service providers with consumers. 
It helps businesses to:
Reach Target Audience: Connect with customers actively searching for services.
Stand Out: Showcase expertise and stand out in respective industry with a professional listing.
Get Easy Access: Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for potential clients to find and contact service providers.
Grow Business: Expand reach, attract more clients, and watch the business soar!
Technology Stack: Next.JS, React.JS, MySQL, APIs.
Visit InServiHub website
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